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News About Unclaimed Property

Event helped reunite unclaimed property with rightful owners
Could you have money or property just sitting and waiting for you to find it?
(Oct. 22, 2014, WPSD)

75 people with unclaimed property in Southern Idaho
Buhl resident Gertrude Evans and Joseph Combs of Burley have unclaimed property. It's money in some form, and the state wants to give it back.
(Oct. 21, 2014, Times-News)

MT Dept. of Revenue reminds businesses to submit unclaimed property report
The Montana Department of Revenue would like to remind businesses throughout the state that the deadline for submitting an annual unclaimed property report is November 1.
(Oct. 22, 2014, Roundup)

Abandoned property: Romney, Brownies and even J.D. Salinger are on the list, are you?
What do the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Romney for President campaign, and Brownie Troop 2477 of Newton have in common?
(Oct. 19, 2014, Bloomberg)

Unclaimed-funds scam is making the rounds in Ohio
The state has issued a warning about a scam in which a company is using the state's unclaimed-funds operation as a cover to collect information about consumers, including their Social Security numbers.
(Oct. 23, 2014, The Columbus Dispatch)

Treasurer reminds businesses to report unclaimed property
Every three years, businesses and organizations are required by law to examine their books for any funds and securities they have not been able to return to their customers within the past five years.
(Oct. 18, 2014, The Meridian Star)

Treasurer Stenberg searching for owners of U.S. savings bonds
Nebraska State Treasurer Don Stenberg is seeking to locate the owners of U.S. savings bonds lost and forgotten in safe deposit boxes turned over to the State Treasurer's Office as unclaimed property.
(Oct. 17, 2014, KETV)

Great news for people who love finding lost money
Residents of American cities enjoy receiving money they didn't know was owed to them, and The New York Times is on the case.
(Oct. 20, 2014, Vanity Fair)

Unclaimed cash could be yours
At the South Carolina State Fair Wednesday, people lined up to search their name at the Palmetto Payback booth. They're trying to see if the state owes them money.
(Oct. 15, 2014, WSPA)

Treasurer's unclaimed property ad campaign ends
State Treasurer John Perdue's Unclaimed Property Division finished its most recent ad campaign on Friday, listing unclaimed property in the largest newspaper in each county around the state.
(Oct. 12, 2014, Charleston Gazette)

Another 75 unclaimed property owners from South-Central Idaho
Many Idahoans' names, for one reason or another, end up on the state's unclaimed property list.
(Oct. 14, 2014, Times-News)

State treasurer auctioning off unclaimed property on eBay
Iowa's state treasurer hopes you'll go to his office for your Halloween shopping.
(Oct. 13, 2014, WHO-DT)

Persons should search unclaimed property lists
Residents in southern Indiana have millions of dollars that's been forgotten - $22,077,248 to be exact, according to a press release from the Indiana attorney general's office.
(Oct. 7, 2014, The Herald Tribune)

Find money at the fair
If you go to the fair may walk away with more than just memories, you could find money.
(Oct. 14, 2014, abc Columbia)

Valuables in abandoned safe deposit boxes up for auction
At first glance, it might not seem like much. But the items spread across the table at Yellow Tag Auctions in Chesnee, total thousands.
(Oct. 13, 2014, WSPA)

Amount of unclaimed property returned as result of 2014 State Fair up from last year, Stenberg reports
More than $53,000 of unclaimed property was returned to rightful owners as a result of claims initiated or paid during the Nebraska State Fair, Aug. 22-Sept. 1, in Grand Island, Nebraska State Treasurer Don Stenberg said today.
(Oct. 8, 2014, Insurance News Net)

Limerick man receives $1.7M from Treasury Dept.'s unclaimed property bureau
A township business owner is in the process of claiming $1.7 million from the Pennsylvania Treasury Bureau of Unclaimed Property.
(Oct. 8, 2014, The Mercury News)

State to refund $29 million in BMV overcharges
Claim forms were mailed to thousands of Indiana motorists Wednesday as the state prepares to refund $29 million in overcharges on excise taxes when vehicles were registered.
(Oct. 8, 2014, RTV6)

Treasurer Fitzgerald auctioning off spooktacular items in eBay
State Treasurer Michael L. Fitzgerald's upcoming eBay auction just might have that unique item to complete your Halloween costume. Fitzgerald will host his next unclaimed property eBay auction beginning on October 13.
(Oct. 7, 2014, readMedia)

Unclaimed cash could be waiting for you at The Big E
The State Treasurer's Unclaimed Property Division is holding two and a half billion dollars in unclaimed cash and valuables, and some of it might be yours.
(Sept. 24, 2014, WWLP)

Treasurer warns of sweepstakes tax scam
Kentucky Treasurer Todd Hollenbach says scam artists are at work again calling Kentuckians with the news that they've won a $2.5 million international sweepstakes but to claim the prize they're required to first wire $1, 295 cash to the scammers.
(Sept. 23, 2014, The Harlan Daily Enterprise)

New database helps unclaimed life insurance policy searches
The owners of unclaimed life insurance settlements now have a database put together by the state to help them search for and claim their accounts.
(Sept. 22, 2014, Central Valley Business Times)

Unclaimed property booth set up at Great Frederick Fair
In addition to the food, rides, shows and displays, there's one other place you might want to visit this week at the Great Frederick Fair. That's the booth set up by the Maryland Comptroller's Office.
(Sept. 17, 2014, WFMD)

75 people with unclaimed property in Southern Idaho
Bliss resident Dean Jensen and Brian Balck, of Twin Falls, have unclaimed property. It's money in some form, and the state wants to give it back.
(Sept. 15, 2014, Times-News)

State program reunites residents with unclaimed cash, property
Autumn Basler became at least $10 richer Wednesday, though the money always belonged to her.
(Sept. 18, 2014, The Daily Republican)

The Capitol's Treasury vault is a mix of buried history, forgotten treasures
Tucked in the basement of the state Finance Building is a treasure trove of forgotten and lost collectibles and attractive keepsakes.
(Sept. 18, 2014, The Patriot-News)

The state might owe you money; find out and claim it
The Ohio Department of Commerce is asking residents of Ohio to take a moment to see if they have any unclaimed funds or property the state owes them.
(Sept. 16, 2014, WCPO)

Pineville court tries to fix unclaimed property issue
A new audit report says the Pineville City Court did not comply with the Louisiana Unclaimed Property Act for checks dating back at least a dozen years.
(Sept. 10, 2014, The Town Talk)

MN Commerce Dept.: State fairgoers claim $715K in missing money
The Minnesota Department of Commerce says this year's Great Minnesota Get-Together was a huge success for consumers finding missing money.
(Sept. 8, 2014, WCCO)

Sale here of unclaimed property for state Treasury generates $284,000
The sale was the third auction of unclaimed property handled by Morphy for the Treasury Department. The three events combined have raised nearly $750,000.
(Sept. 8, 2014, Intelligencer Journal)

It is true, you may have unclaimed money
If you think like many of us, the thought of unclaimed money, and your name being mentioned in the same sentence, is far fetched.
(Sept. 6, 2014, Athens Daily Review)

Record number of unclaimed property claims at state fair
There was a record 2,385 requests for unclaimed property at this year's state fair, up by more than 1,000 claims from last year.
(Sept. 3, 2014, The Lane Report)

State treasurers' unclaimed property specialists ready to assist Nebraskans
Just back from a successful outreach effort at the Nebraska State Fair, the Unclaimed Property specialists in the Nebraska State Treasurer's Office are inviting Nebraskans to visit them, Sept. 9-11, at Husker Harvest Days in Grand Island.
(Sept. 11, 2014, New York Times)

Nebraska state fair goers encouraged to visit unclaimed property booth Visitors to the 2014 Nebraska State Fair in Grand Island are invited to stop by the Nebraska State Treasurer's booth in the Exhibition Building to search for unclaimed property and to ask for help in filing claims, State Treasurer Don Stenberg said today.
(Aug. 21, 2014, 10 11 HD)

State owes $7B in unclaimed property to Californians
It's hard to believe some Californians would just forget to pick up their hard earned money, but that's exactly what is happening. The State Controller's Office said there's a $7 billion waiting to be claimed.
(Aug. 19, 2014, Fox 5)

Golden opportunities await at unclaimed property auction Saturday in Providence
Locked away below a state office building in a code-protected vault is a 22-karat gold, child-size crown, a popular gift in some European countries for a newborn.
(Aug. 19, 2014, Providence Journal)

Treasury and Acadiana Mall to host unclaimed property event
Louisiana residents have more than $600 million in Unclaimed Property, and Lafayette area residents can see if any of this money belongs to them at an Unclaimed Property Awareness Day on Saturday, Aug. 23, at 5725 Johnston St. in Lafayette.
(Aug. 19, 2014, Insurance News Net)

DOL on 'orphan' accounts: try harder
Got a problem with missing plan participants? The Department of Labor now has some new and improved advice on what to do.
(Aug. 18, 2014, BenefitsPro)

Illinois Tollway customers can reclaim old I-PASS account funds
The Illinois Tollway is offering customers a chance to retrieve an estimated $2.2 million in unclaimed funds from I-PASS accounts that have been inactive for the past seven years or more.
(Aug. 21, 2014, WREX)

Florida unclaimed property treasure hunt brings in $1.31 million for public schools
Floridians always love a good treasure hunt. Last weekend, savvy bidders had an opportunity to help Florida's schools by taking home some forgotten treasure.
(Aug. 12, 2014, The Bay)

Orlando woman receives $40K in unclaimed property auction
A lucky Orlando woman received a $40,000 check as part of a series of events leading up to Florida's 2014 unclaimed property auction.
(Aug. 7, 2014, WFTV)

NJ unclaimed property returns record $125 million during FY2014
The Unclaimed Property Administration, a division of the State Department of the Treasury, returned a record amount of money to New Jersey residents during the last three years.
(Aug. 1, 2014, Atlantic Highlands Herald)

Treasurer McCord: Unclaimed property can help local pools, swim clubs stay 'afloat'
Local swim clubs help members beat the summer heat, but many struggle with reduced community funding and high maintenance costs, a problem that the Pennsylvania Treasury is helping to remedy for Rainbow Hills Swim Club in Harrisburg with the return of its unclaimed property.
(Aug. 7, 2014, Insurance News Net)

Search on-line for lost treasure at the Kentucky State Fair
Now fairgoers can not only digitally search the Treasury's list of hundreds of thousands of unclaimed properties valued at nearly half-a-billion ($500,000,000) dollars but they will also be able to file a claim on-line.
(Aug. 12, 2014,

Unclaimed money lands Bullitt County residents with unexpected windfall
Two and a half million dollars is up for grabs in Bullitt County. The money is all part of a massive chunk of unclaimed property. Government officials are trying to track down the owners to give them thousands of dollars they may have never known they had.
(Aug. 8, 2014, WDRB)

State controller unclaimed property search leaves Temecula talking
Mellisa Reynolds of Temecula is counting herself lucky today, as she opened the mail to an unplanned surprise.
(Aug. 7, 2014,

A mound of forgotten money, and even you may have a claim
For years, Jerry Seinfeld and Joan Rivers, and as many as 6,914 other customers, have never claimed refunds due them from Bergdorf's. General Motors has been in hock to Rupert Murdoch for nearly a decade.
(Aug. 1, 2014, The New York Times)

State to auction $1M in unclaimed property
Inside the Florida Department of Financial Services lies a vault full of boxes. But, what's in those boxes is considered treasure - fascinating items like diamond and platinum rings, a gold stopwatch and ancient coins.
(Aug. 6, 2014, First Coast News)

State Treasurer offers unclaimed property list, services at State Fair
State Treasurer Clint Zweifel's office will be on hand for the duration of the Missouri State Fair attempting to reunite citizens with millions of dollars in unclaimed property.
(Aug. 6, 2014, Sedalia Democrat)

State of ID. holds unclaimed assets they want to give back to rightful owners
More than $120-million in unclaimed assets are waiting to be claimed in Idaho.
(Aug. 5, 2014, KLEW)

N.J. returns $125.1M in unclaimed property, funds to residents
New Jersey returned a record $125.1 million in unclaimed property and funds to residents during the last fiscal year.
(Aug. 1, 2014, The Star-Ledger)

B.C. residents are owed $92.3 million in uncashed government cheques
Many B.C. residents are a little richer than they think.
(Aug. 6, 2014, The Province)

State Treasurer Dan Rutherford announces big I-Cash returns in July
Illinois State Treasurer Dan Rutherford released I-Cash numbers that show the program returned 43 percent more money to rightful owners in July of 2014 versus July of 2013.
(Aug. 6, 2014, Press Mentor)

New law protects Pennsylvanians recovering lost money and items
At the urging of state Treasurer Rob McCord, legislation enacted recently will guard Pennsylvanians against fraud and deceptive practices when they employ a service to help them claim their money or property that has been turned over to the state.
(Aug. 4, 2014, Insurance News)

Are YOU owed money? State Treasurer's Office serving up unclaimed property at State Fair!
The Office of the State Treasurer is serving up missing money at its Wisconsin State Fair booth this year! It takes five only minutes to search our database.
(July 31, 2014,

Treasurer warns of possible unclaimed property scam
State Treasurer John Perdue's office has issued a warning to residents not to call a telephone number that promises recipients an unclaimed property search.
(July 27, 2014, Logan Banner)

State treasurer warns about misleading postcards
The state treasurer is warning the public about misleading postcards that purport to be from Nebraska's unclaimed property division.
(July 25, 2014, NTV)

Neb. treasurer reminds organizations of deadline
The Nebraska state treasurer is reminding Nebraska businesses and organizations of the Nov. 1 deadline for remitting unclaimed property to the state.
(July 26, 2014, Star Herald)

State treasurer: Watch out for suspicious unclaimed property postcards
Kentucky State Treasurer Todd Hollenbach warned consumers Friday to watch out for suspicious mail regarding unclaimed property.
(July 25, 2014, WTVQ)

State treasurer warns of unclaimed property scam
State Treasurer Ron Estes warns Kansans of suspicious postcards labeled as an "Unclaimed Property Notification."
(July 29, 2014, KSN)

Delaware officials warn of unclaimed property scam
State officials on Monday warned Delawareans to ignore suspicious postcards labeled "Unclaimed Property Notification."
(July 28, 2014, The News Journal)

Beware of fraudulent unclaimed-property postcards
Postcards sent from a Colorado address, promising to return unclaimed property to rightful owners, are not being sent by the Office of the State Treasurer, according to Maine Treasurer Neria Douglass.
(July 31, 2014, Sanford News)

"Nothing compares" at the state fair to State Treasurer Fitzgerald's Great Iowa Treasure Hunt
State Treasurer Michael L. Fitzgerald announced today a stop at the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt booth during the 2014 Iowa State Fair may pay off.
(July 30, 2014, readMedia)

$523,000 in unclaimed cash awaiting Wilkes residents
The N.C. Department of the State Treasurer is holding over $523,000 in unclaimed cash and property that belongs to current or former residents and companies of Wilkes County.
(July 30, 2014, Wilkes Journal-Patriot)

$18.1 million already returned to Arkansans in Great AR Treasure Hunt
Auditor of State Charlie Daniels returned $18.1 million to Arkansans with unclaimed property in fiscal year 2014, an increase of 60% over the total claims paid in 2013.
(July 28, 2014, KARK)

Indiana AG looks for owners of nearly $150 million
Residents in Central Indiana have millions of dollars that's been forgotten - $148,849,355 to be exact.
(July 28, 2014, Inside Indiana Business)

Ottawa sitting on $730 million stockpile of uncashed taxes, other benefits
Ottawa is sitting on a stockpile of more than $730 million in uncashed tax refunds and other government cheques, according to Public Works Canada.
(July 24, 2014, The Canadian Press)

State could help owners find lost savings bonds
The State Treasurer's Office would be able to search for the owners of long-matured U.S. savings bonds under a measure that has cleared the Senate and gotten a nod from the House Finance Committee.
(July 24, 2014, NCCapitol)

Brandon man receives $213K unclaimed property check
The state treasurer's office wrote a check for $213,000 to a Brandon man this week after discovering he was entitled to the unclaimed funds.
(July 23, 2014, The Clarion-Ledger)

75 people with unclaimed property in Southern Idaho
Many Idahoans' names, for one reason or another, end up on the state's unclaimed property list.
(July 22, 2014, Times-News)

Missourians should be wary of unclaimed property websites
State Treasurer Clint Zweifel (ZWY-ful) is warning Missourians to be cautious of third party websites offering to help them find Unclaimed Property.
(July 21, 2014, South County Mail)

Help return a World War II photo album to its rightful owner
Tucked among the odds and ends in the Alabama Treasury Department's unclaimed property vault is a piece of World War II history looking for a home.
(July 23, 2014, The Huntsville Times)

Online auction of unclaimed property begins Wednesday
Today, the Montana Department of Revenue begins its auction of unclaimed safe deposit box contents. Items to be auctioned over the next several months include rare coins, jewelry, trinkets and other collectibles that banks and credit unions have held for more than five years and have turned over to the state.
(July 23, 2014, Beartooth NBC)

One billion remains unclaimed
If you're a little short on cash these days - you'll want to pay close attention to this next story.
(July 9, 2014, CHCH)

California hunts for veterans with unclaimed cash, mementos
Call it a bit of monetary patriotism for California's military veterans.
(July 6, 2014, The Sacramento Bee)

Rocky Miller's unclaimed property bill signed into law
First-term State Rep. Rocky Miller (R-124) continues to have an impact on the state as another of his bills -- this one relating to unclaimed property -- has been signed by Gov. Jay Nixon.
(July 9, 2014, Lake News Online)

Nevada unclaimed property office receives record number of claims
State Treasurer Kate Marshall today announced that her office received more than 11,131 individual claims in June, far surpassing the previous high mark for the month of June by more than 4,600 claims after posting its annual Unclaimed Property listing in newspapers across the State during that month.
(July 9, 2014, The Record-Courier)

Illinois Treasurer unclaimed property auction going on now
Illinois State Treasurer Dan Rutherford's Unclaimed Property Auction is happening now until July 11.
(July 8, 2014, WREX)

Goss: State doesn't 'seize' dormant bank accounts
Recently, I received a call from a man who was upset about something he read online.
(July 9, 2014, The Telegraph)

Iowa gift cards forever honored
Many towns will push you to shop as local as you can. That includes buying friends and family gift cards in hopes that they spend money at those mom and pop shops.
(July 8, 2014, KIMT)

State Treasury returning $59,318 to 35 cities and towns
The Treasury's unclaimed property division will return $59,318 to 35 cities and towns, General Treasurer Gina M. Raimondo announced Tuesday.
(July 8, 2014, Providence Journal)

WV Treasurer's Office reaches $5 million in e-claims program
A state program to allow people to file electronic claims for their unclaimed property has paid a little more than $5 million to rightful owners since it started.
(July 3, 2014, The State Journal)

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